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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Happy new year from Lofiles & tUnEYaRdS

December 29th, 2009


Cant stop listening to this album.

Vic Chesnutt R.I.P

December 28th, 2009


On Christmas day Vic Chestnutt was gone, dead at 45 from an overdose of muscle relaxants. The Constellation Records website has published an announcement: ‘Surrounded by family and friends, Vic Chesnutt died in Athens Georgia this afternoon, Friday 25 December at 14:59. In the few short years that we knew him personally, Vic transformed our sense of what true character, grace and determination are all about. Our grief is inexpressible and Vic’s absence unfathomable’… Don & Ian Constellation

Vic Chesnutt has released over a dozen albums since the early 90s, and has been one of our favorite singer songwriters/ musicians. collaborating with everyone from Michael Stipe, Lambchop, and Elf Power to Widespread Panic, Van Dyke Parks, and A Silver Mount Zion. The 1996 tribute album Sweet Relief II featured covers of Chesnutt songs by Madonna, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Sparklehorse, Indigo Girls, and more. Chesnutt has been in a wheelchair since the age of 18, when he was in a car accident. From his friends: “The most important story to report now is not Vic’s death but a life and work overflowing with insight, humor, and yes, resilience. This, after all, was the man who wrote: “I thought I had a calling, anyway, I just kept dialing.” Sixteen extraordinary albums, five in the last couple of years; countless live shows so powerful and sublime they deeply altered the lives of those on the stage with Vic and those looking up, yes up, at him. The second most important story here has to do with a broken health care system depriving so many of the help they need to stay around and stay sane, and a society that never balks at providing more money for more wars but fights tooth and nail against decent care for its citizens. Vic’s death, just so you all know, did not come at the end of some cliché downward spiral. He was battling deep depression but also at the peak of his powers, and with the help of friends and family he was in the middle of a desperate search for help. The system failed to provide it. I miss him terribly. ”  Jem Cohen (Filmaker)

 I flew around a little room once. A line from Supernatural. He was just that. He possessed an unearthly energy and yet was humanistic with the common man in mind. He was entirely present and entirely somewhere else. A mystical somewhere else. A child and an old guy as he called himselfBefore he made an album he said he was a bum. Now he is in flight bumming round beyond the little room. With his angel voice. (Patti Smith)

Musician Kristin Hersh has set up a donation website on behalf of the Chesnutt family in tribute to the artist. 100% of all funds go directly to his family. Please donate. 

Got to listen to this incredible song of his,     Philip_Guston

vic chosen

Darwin Deez

December 25th, 2009


This is what the Delli wrote about Darwin Deez: “While the NYC music scene is packed with talented musicians with great ideas, cool hairstyles and tons of attitude – gifted songwriters with truly crazy hair are still (and always will be) extremely rare stuff. There’s only one thing you need to know about Darwin Deez: he can write a song that will keep you entertained and glued to the speakers, keeping your hands away from the iPod’s “forward” button. Plus there’s this bonus: the guy can sing! “Constellation” is a little gem that recalls early Strokes on a diet rich in electronic handclaps and drum machines and short in distortion pedals. Sampled drum sounds are a recurring signature in Darwin’s repertoire; the inventive simplicity of his lo-fi electronic pop allows his songwriting to truly shine. His unusually contradictory spectrum of influences (ranging from local little known artists to Michael Jackson and Coldplay) brings a fresh vein of inspiration to Darwin’s output, confirming our temptation to define his music as “mainstream pop for selected masses”…

That is what his bio says:” i write and play all my songs on a 4 string electric guitar in my own tuning. my parents are baba lovers like pete townshend. lovers of meher baba. i’m one too i guess. i dance pretty good and i love to do it. i think it’s because i have a little black in me. i’m 25. my parents bought me my guitar when i was 11. they also bought me drums when i was 16, but i suck at those now. i wait tables at a vegan health food restaurant. i’m not vegan but i like health food. my bass player michelle dorrance, aka mash deez, is the one who named me “deez”. she is my best friend and confidant. we make each other laugh and she inspires me to make music. she’s never played bass before and neither has our drummer ever drummed. but i love them both as people and i want to be around them. i met greg (drums) and cole (guitar) at the vegan restaurant. i used to play guitar for my friend andrew’s band, creaky boards. during that time, i wrote and recorded these songs of mine on an old PC with a $200 mic, and now i’m just focusing on making more of my own music, videos, dance numbers, and mash-ups. we’re doing our first full US tour in november, with bishop allen and throw me the statue. i just bought a minivan this week. 10/04/09.

That`s what Lofiles is saying: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaesome!!!!!! Listen to this guy

Young man

December 23rd, 2009



Just found out about this 20 year old kid called Colin Caulfield (writing as ‘Young man’) that blew me away. Lofi bedroom production the way we like it, this song titled ‘Five’, and an’ in the attic’ video of ‘Space oddity’ – I mean, a guy that has the balls to cover ‘Space Oddity’, and the results are beautiful. Not trying to overdo or overproduce, just plain simple and real real nice. Watch out for an album called ‘Boy’ coming up soon. On this song Five I kept thinking about Lennon, especially towards the end of the song, listening to those great harmonies. 



Lolive presents Gogol Bordello live in Tel Aviv

December 22nd, 2009

Watch this awesome hardcore gypsy punk madness – Gogol Bordello live at the Barbie club Tel Aviv – this is part 2 of 7 by Lolive.

Gogol Bordello

December 21st, 2009

Gogol Bordello tore the place down, brought the roof down, with a nasty hardcore punk gypsy klezmer folk metal, no bullshit set, the whole house was shaking. This was one of the best sets I have seen in Barbie, Tel Aviv. Boom Pam were opening and I thought they kicked a… till these guys hit the stage. These are some images from this magical night, and later on video clips, hopefully we have succeeded to capture part of last night`s mayhem for you.



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December 20th, 2009


We are proud to bring you our BEST OF  2009 – our 1st year of fruitful blogging. This is not necessarily the best tracks to come out in 2009, cause many of the tracks posted here weren’t released this year, but we think they are timeless and worth listening to. Order is coincidental and has nothing to do with the quality of musical piece. Enjoy!!!


Noise pop 2010 announcement!!!

December 16th, 2009


NOISE POP 2010 FESTIVAL DATES AND EARLY ARTIST CONFIRMATIONS ANNOUNCED; Magnetic Fields, Mark Kozelek, Rogue Wave, Atlas Sound, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Four Tet, John Vanderslice, We Were Promised Jet Packs, Wallpaper, Zee Avi, The Limousines & Foreign Born. The 18th Annual Noise Pop Festival Will Take Place February 23 through March 1, 2010 Industry Noise Will Take Place On Saturday, February 27th, 2010 At The Swedish American Hall. Dec 7, 2009—San Francisco, CA— Event Producers, Noise Pop Industries, have announced the dates of the West Coast’s premiere celebration of independent music, film and art – Noise Pop 2009. The 18th annual Noise Pop Festival will take place February 23rd through March 1, 2009 at venues throughout San Francisco, CA. Early artist confirmations include Magnetic Fields, Mark Kozelek, Rogue Wave, Atlas Sound, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Four Tet, John Vanderslice, We Were Promised Jet Packs, Wallpaper, Zee Avi, The Limousines & Foreign Born. More shows will be announced in the coming weeks along with films, art shows, and more. Read More

Gorilla Manor

December 16th, 2009


Their magical three part harmonies reminds me of Crosby Stills Nash and Young vocals. Local Natives`s harmony masters are keyboard player Kelcey Ayer, and guitar players Ryan Hahn and Taylor Rice. Rhythm section are Andy Hamm on bass and Matt Frazier on drums. Breakthrough came after playing nine consecutive gigs at 2009 SXSW. They named their album ‘Gorilla manor’ after a house they had rented in Orange county and wrote the majority of the material of this wonderful self funded album. Gorilla Manor will be out Feb 16th on Frenchkiss records. I have been playing this song ‘Cards and quarters’ over and over . This is a band to watch guys..

Cards And Quarters

Deerhoof live

December 16th, 2009

Saw a good Deerhoof gig last night at the Barbie club in Tel Aviv. These are some photos ..









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