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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Fredrik announces US tour dates, plus new music video

January 30th, 2010

Fredrik started out in late 2006 as the songwriter/sound artist duo of Fredrik and Lindefelt. The idea was to attempt narrative structures in music through the combination of electroacoustic composition and folk-infused musical form. Before the release of their critically acclaimed debut, Na Na Ni, the lineup was expanded to a 6-piece.

On stage the sextet could be seen playing banjo, clarinet, cello, wind up music boxes and hand made instruments along side bass, guitars and drums. The band ventured stateside for a buzz worthy 3-week winter tour, starting with a live national television appearance on election night, from the Embassy of Sweden, to a string of packed shows along the northeast.

The following 6 months saw Fredrik back in Malmö recording new material in the form of an EP-trilogy. Each one was surreptitiously self-released on highly limited 3″ CDs in hand made origami packaging. Having finished a short film collaboration with Dutch film maker Iris Piers and several music videos, Fredrik and Kora present the release of the EP’s as a proper full length entitled Trilogi.

This second outing is more consistently inward-looking and takes on themes like social realities and subconscious geography. The melodies are more serpentine and the textures decidedly darker. However, Fredrik’s warm, sensitive lead voice and operatic choir work still lends the material the same comforting elegance as on the debut. The three EP’s bear the titles “Holm”, “Ava” and “Ner”, all fictional names roughly signifying “Frozen Forest Island”, “Water Through Sound” and “The Inside Underground”. Together they represent a trilogy of contemporized viewpoints of the Lovecraftian dream passage – orientation at great cost and understanding at the risk of sanity.




02/13 – Washington, DC Crab’s Claw

02/14 – New York, NY Mercury Lounge

02/15 – New York, NY Pianos

02/18 – Brooklyn, NY Union Hall

02/19 – New York, NY Permanent Records In-Store

02/10 – Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery

02/21 – Harrisburg, PA Midtown Bookstore

02/22 – Washington, DC Black Cat

02/23 – Philadelphia, The M Room


January 30th, 2010

After being one of the most talked-about bands all over Europe, due in no small part to their energetic and engaging live show, Reykjavik’s FM Belfast are set to release their debut album in the US, how to make friends. Due out in Spring 2010 on Kimi Records (Benni Hemm Hemm, Retro Stefson, Reykjavik!), how to make friends is a careening electro-pop album full of unexpected jolts and turns, including trumpets, cowbells, and plenty of seething synths. After a local release, how to make friends sold over 5,000 copies in Iceland, and with it the band is poised to bring the party to the states.

What started as an informal duo in 2005 has developed into a sizable army of anywhere from 3 to 45 performers (including members of múm and Benni Hemm Hemm). Despite not having an album out in the US last year, FM Belfast became a must-see band at SXSW ’09, giving out sticks of gum and drawings with their CDs and playing to packed venues. The Austin Chronicle listed them as one of their “Bands to Watch,” while the Denver Post named them one of the “Top 10 New Finds”, calling them “one of the most refreshing” bands at SXSW. SPIN soon joined the bandwagon, making them “Artist of the Day” and proclaiming, “It’s gloriously kitschy, Commodore-64-style digipop… kind of like a low-fi version of Royksopp.” The BBC enthused, “Last night I got as excited by a new band as I’ve ever been in my life… FM Belfast are utterly fantastic.”

In the meantime, FM Belfast kept busy remixing tracks for other artists including múm, Retro Stefson, Skatar, Nix Noltes, Gus Gus, and Kasper Bjorke. After years of playing their songs to live audiences, FM Belfast is set to expand their reach with how to make friends.

Listen to Par Avion

Watch Par Avion

The Winter of Mixed Drinks Competition!!

January 30th, 2010

To celebrate the impending release of their third studio album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, Frightened Rabbit have decided to run a competition! In keeping with the theme of mixed drinks, all you have to do to enter is post a video response or leave a comment in the Shout Box on the channel of you making your favourite cocktail, or a cocktail of your own making, and we’ll pick our favourite as the winner. The closing date is the 15th of February, so get creative and get filming! The winner will get two tickets to an upcoming gig in the UK or US and the opportunity to enjoy the winning drink with the band after the show! To find out more..

Frightened Rabbit on MUZU

UK Dates:

04/03/10 York Duchess

05/03/10 Manchester Club Academy

06/03/10 Aldershot West End Centre

08/03/10 Bristol Thekla

09/03/10 Oxford Academy 2

10/03/10 London Koko

12/03/10 Birmingham Academy 2

13/03/10 Sheffield Leadmill 2

14/03/10 Norwich Arts Centre

Get busy committee are gettin busy

January 30th, 2010

Listen to the sound, distorted, ragged, dirty, scratchy. That`s the type of s… we used to do in the East coast. The Get busy committee is in full effffect. And these guys have been around for awhile, Scoop Deville on the production tip(known for his recent work with Snoop. The album is being released on their very own record label, Tokyo Sex Whale Records. The other producer is Apathy, and he is influenced as you could hear on the first note by Easy E, BDP, BBD, to mention a few. This is Hip Hop. Check it out and buy it on the regular platforms ( Amazon, iTunes..) Now Get Busy Committee hit the studio with Da Beatminerz and come out with ‘Left Behind’… Check it out


Princeton announces Feb. Mon. night residency at Spaceland, plus dates w/ Editors, Noise Pop, SXSW and KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic

January 30th, 2010

Los Angeles-based Princeton released its debut record, ‘Cocoon of Love’, September 29th on Kanine Records. Growing up on Princeton Street in Santa Monica, the group now lives in an aging green house on a hillside in the Eagle Rock district of LA where their album was recorded. 

Among the many detrimental effects that love has on the mind, one of the more subtle is the way it litters the memory with a batch of misplaced associations – places, figures, products and (especially) music that, through chance, become invested with deep personal significance. This detritus of love is scattered all over Princeton’s, Cocoon of Love, right down to its title, taken from a chance line on a long-ago-cancelled children’s show. Stacks of herbal tea, a glow-in-the-dark monument, paperback writers, the Wall Street Journal, a departing Mercedes, The Metamorphosis, a series of Cambridge-commissioned paintings, video arcades, graffiti, and a cyclist on the Autobahn all figure prominently into Princeton’s musical sketches. 

Princeton is twin brothers Jesse & Matt Kivel, Ben Usen and David Kitz.


Feb 1: Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA %

Feb 3: Doug Fir, Portland, OR

Feb 5: Showbox at the Market Seattle, WA *

Feb 6: Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC *

Feb 8: Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA #

Feb 9: House of Blues San Diego, CA *&

Feb 15: Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA $

Feb 22: Live on KCRW / Morning Becomes Eclectic

Feb 22: Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA +

Feb 24: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA @ (Noise Pop)

Mar 17 – 20 SXSW Austin, TX

* = w/ Editors

& = w/ The Antlers

@ = w/ Rogue Wave

% = w/ Active Child, 60 Watt Kid, TS and The Past Haunts

# = w/ Rafter, Casxio, Jubilee Singers

$ = w/ Wade Ryff & Friends, Le Switch, Adam Stern

+ = w/ LANME, Castledoor

Listen to Shout it out (Fol Chen remix)

Watch Calipso gold

Slumberland Records set to release Black Tambourine anthology

January 30th, 2010

Though they only released a handful of songs their two-year lifetime, Black Tambourine has been hugely influential in the world of indie music. Conceived of as an explicitly pop band at a time when such bands were pretty rare in America, Black Tambourine wore their influences on their sleeves: The Jesus & Mary Chain, of course, but also folks like Phil Spector, Smokey Robinson, Love, The Ramones, Shop Assistants, The Pastels, 14 Iced Bears, Orange Juice and the list goes on… The band’s dark, dreamy sound was consonant with the shoegaze sounds of the day, but the classic 60s-influenced songwriting gives their tunes a timeless appeal. Formed in 1989 as a side project by members of Whorl and Velocity Girl, they soon recruited their mate Pam Berry as vocalist and released their first song, quixotically an instrumental, on Slumberland’s very first release. Two singles followed, along with a pair of compilation contributions. Alas, other obligations became more pressing and the band called it a day in 1991.

Though their recorded output was quite limited, the music has continued to inspire indie, punk and indie-pop bands down the years. As the band’s twentieth anniversary arrives, just about any review of or article about a noisy pop band drops their name, and their influence on bands as diverse as Vivian Girls, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Wavves and countless others is continuing proof of Black Tambourine’s

legendary status in indie music. Interestingly, it would appear that 2010 is the year for Black Tambourine!

Black Tambourine gathers up all of the songs released by Black Tambourine, and handily trumps 1999’s Complete Recordings reissue by including six previously unreleased tunes. Songs like “Black Car,” “We Can’t Be Friends” and “Throw Aggi Off The Bridge” are foundation documents of indie-pop and sound as fresh today as when they were recorded twenty years ago. And while classics like “Pack You Up” and “Drown” can stand on

their own just fine, the band has taken the rather unexpected step of reuniting to record four new songs exclusively for this compilation. Consisting of two originals and two covers (of songs by Buddy Holly and Suicide), these recordings include all of the original members and are quite true to the Black Tambourine spirit. The songs themselves are tunes that the band played back in the day and never got to record, so these added tracks truly round out the Black Tambourine picture and make this a very special release indeed.

The words “essential” and “seminal” are thrown around a lot when talking about reissues, but this is one case where those adjectives are truly earned. Presented in a deluxe remastered edition, expanded to include four new songs and two early demos, and on 12″ vinyl for the first time, Black Tambourine looks slated to be one of the crucial releases of 2010.

Listen to ‘For Ex lovers only’

Under Byen release a Fourth album on Paper Bag records

January 29th, 2010

Under Byen are making the same heavenly music Bjork was making on her first albums, Fresh, innovative, groundbreaking, sonically brilliant. Arrangements are wonderful. The use of acoustic and electronic instruments creates a unique soundscape. The first track I have heard was Plantage and from the very first notes you know you want to stay right here and listen to this band, preferably w equipped with decent pair of headphones. These days they release a Fourth album, Alt Er Tabt on April 10th on Paper Bag records.


Take it slow

January 29th, 2010

I have received a copy of Slow Six new album, out now on Western Vinyl. The first track on this wonderful wonderful record, ‘The night you lest new york’ reminded me of Robert Fripp`s arpeggios on ‘League of gentlemen’. Experimental instrumental album, with the amazing Christopher Tignor as musical director and on violin and his own composition software and Ben Lively on Violin. This is my band of the week and one of this month greater discoveries. Their sound is real tight, with the talented and great sounding Theo Metz on drums. With Stephen Griesgraber on guitar and Rob Collins on Fender Rhodes.The whole album has a Fripp-Eno experimental ambient feel to it and can compete with the greatest classic albums of Gentle Giant, Gong, Go…. If you are a serious music lover and listener you got to BUY THIS RECORD

Listen to   Cloud_Cover_(part 1)

Local Natives Premiere Debut Video “Airplanes” / Playing Coachella, SXSW & US Spring Tour To Come / Debut LP “Gorilla Manor” Out February 16th On Frenchkiss Records

January 29th, 2010

Local Natives make soaring, sky-scraping harmonies, dreamy orchestral melodies, and throbbing tribal beats that bash their way into your soul. Theirs are songs you can ance to almost as well as you can swoon to them. Drawing a line from the vocal stylings of Crosby Stills Nash & Young and the Zombies through the more esoteric edges of post-punk and Afro-beat, this California five piece have communally crafted a brand of indie rock all their own.

For Local Natives everything is a collaboration, from song writing duties to the band’s self produced artwork. The three part harmonies come courtesy of keyboardist Kelcey Ayer, guitarists Ryan Hahn and Taylor Rice. Then there’s Matt Frazier on drums and Andy Hamm on bass, who look after the band’s equally impressive graphics and artwork.

One of SXSW 2009’s biggest success stories, the band drove for two days to get from Los Angeles to Austin in order to play nine spectacular shows that saw them sprinting, instruments in hand, from one gig to the next. Their hectic schedule paid off as Local Natives left Austin with the attention of the UK music Industry.

Based in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, three of the five-piece originally hail from Orange County. Kelcey, Ryan and Taylor attended neighboring high schools and hooked up with bassist Andy a year after they graduated, later meeting drummer Matt. They’ve been playing – and evolving – together for three years. Last year, however, the band realized that the new songs they were writing were the sounds of a new project entirely.

It was in December 2008 that the band decamped to Silver Lake, where they all live in the same house. But the Silver Lake digs isn’t the first house the band have shared. They lived together in Orange County too, in a place affectionately known as Gorilla Manor. “It was insanely messy and there were always friends over knocking around on guitars or our thrift store piano,” says Ryan, “it was an incredible experience and I’ll never forget that time.” The original Gorilla Manor, where the band wrote the majority of their record, had such an impact that the band has paid tribute to the house by naming their debut album in its honor.

The self-funded Gorilla Manor was recorded by Raymond Richards in West Los Angeles. Richards produced the record with Local Natives in his own Red Rockets Glare Studio.

Featuring twelve sumptuous slices of dappled California sunlight and beguiling percussive rhythms, the album kicks off with the moody, driving, ‘Wide Eyes’. Says Ryan, “It’s about people’s obsession with the miraculous and disastrous…with witnessing extraordinary events”. The effervescent, mandolin boasting ‘Airplanes’ follows, which Kelcey explains is about “longing to have met my grandfather, a great man and pilot, who died before I was born.” Also included is the glorious ‘Sun Hands’, which was released as a limited edition single on Chess Club back in July. According to Taylor, the lyrics describe “that all too familiar feeling of wanting what you can’t have – especially when you once had it.” There’s a cover version in the mix too, a barely recognizable version of Talking Heads’ ‘Warning Sign’. “We’ve basically flipped the song on its head,” says Matt, explaining how they switched David Byrne’s original yelped vocals into a beautiful three-part harmony.

Watch the video

Blank Generation (1980): A Film Starring Richard Hell coming to DVD Feb 23rd

January 29th, 2010

MVD Visual is proud to announce the DVD release of Blank Generation (1980): A Film Starring Richard Hell on February 23, 2010.

Finally on DVD is the classic punk rock movie from 1980 starring Richard Hell, illustrating the end of the first wave of New York City punk rock better than any documentary. Nada (Carole Bouquet), a beautiful French journalist on assignment in New York, records the life and work of an up and coming punk rock star, Billy (Richard Hell). Soon she enters into a volatile relationship with him and must decide whether to continue with it, or return to her lover, a fellow journalist trying to track down the elusive Andy Warhol (playing himself). Featuring members of the Voidoids and the Ramones.

This long lost film is like a time capsule from pre-Disneynification New York City: sleazy, dirty and most importantly, real. The DVD package includes a lengthy new interview with Hell about the film and more.

Richard Hell states: “This is a priceless package. The real burnt-out New York in January and February 1978, the Voidoids live at CBGB, Ed Lachman’s cinematography, Elliot Goldenthal’s sound track, Carole Bouquet’s face, my lithe figure, Andy Warhol to break your heart, Luc Sante demonically extracting the ugly truths from me re: the horror of it all (bonus feature which is better than the movie itself)…unique. Spring for it.”

Bonus Materials

* 2009 Interview with Richard Hell by Luc Sante about the making of and stories behind BLANK GENERATION (45 minutes)

Points of Interest:

* Live Performances by Richard Hell & The Voidoids

* Stars Richard Hell, Carole Bouquet, Ulli Lommel and Andy Warhol

Watch the Trailer