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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Friendo (Michael Wallace From Women/Azeda Booth) Premieres Debut Single “Counter/Time” / “Cold Toads” LP Out On St Ives (Secretly Canadian) May 18th

February 24th, 2010

Friendo is a three-piece, guitar-driven band largely inspired by ‘90s experimental rock, ‘70s punk and ‘60s pop. Their songs range anywhere from breezy, effortless jams, to pulse-pounding post-punk gems. The multi-instrumentalist members love to mix harmony with noise, creating their own seasonal landscape.

Michael (Women, Azeda Booth, Monkey) has been drumming since he was a child, playing in bands, and eventually wanted to explore the melodic side of music and songwriting on the guitar. Nicole (Puberty, Hunter-Gatherer, Topless Mongos), an avid music lover and collector, began to teach herself various instruments after being inspired by other musicians in her life. Henry (Beija Flor, Monkey), a polished bassist and guitarist, has taken on the role of drumming for the first time. The group has subsequently swapped roles from their respective instruments, becoming total amateurs creatively tapping into uncharted spaces.

The band chose to self-release Cold Toads on a limited run of unmastered cassettes, providing the perfect format for their intangible sound. Cold Toads is a home-made recording project, using whatever they could get their hands on; tape decks, 4 tracks to cassette, hand held portable recorders and built-in computer mics. The sound that emerges is a soothing lo-fi odyssey that transcends time and will only get better with each listen.

Through the St Ives label, run by the folks at Secretly Canadian, Friendo is releasing 200 limited edition, hand crafted vinyl albums to run alongside the digital itunes release. Cold Toads is also available on cassette.


February 24th, 2010

The Octopus project:…”We’re tremendously excited to announce the project we’re knee-deep in creating right now…

As you may have guessed from the title of this web page, it’s called HEXADECAGON. That’s the geometrical term for a sixteen-sided object, and we chose it because the show we’re working on is being written for an eight-channel sound and eight-channel video system: a sixteen-sided audiovisual panorama!

The eight speakers will be set up in a circle surrounding the audience, who will in turn be surrounding us (the band), set up in the middle of the whole shebang with eight images projected overhead. With this setup in mind, we can send all or part of the music spinning around in a circle or jumping from point to point across the space, or put completely different elements in each speaker, putting you and us in the middle of a crazy array of sounds. Add to that the video, which can run in tight synchronization with the sounds (following them around the circle) or behave completely differently, and the possibilities are endless! We’re having a blast inventing these songs, building the electronics (the Bend Matrix from 4MS Pedals pictured above) / working with the software (Ableton Live, VDMX, OSCulator) we need to make this happen, and shooting the video (our pal Wiley Wiggins is running the video department – thanks, Wiley!).

And maybe the best part is that the show will be FREE! We’re doing two performances on Friday, March 19 on the rooftop plaza of Whole Foods at 6th & Lamar. This is during SXSW, but you won’t need a badge or wristband or anything, and it will definitely be all ages. Capacity is very limited though (around 600), and admittance will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so we urge you to make plans accordingly. We’ll post more info on times and things you might need to know to attend as details develop. Watch this space!

There aren’t enough synonyms for ‘excited’ to describe how enthused, ecstatic and generally psyched we are to share this with you – hope it sounds like a good time to all y’all and that you can make plans to party with us!”…

Wild Palms have announced their signing to One Little Indian Records for worldwide publishing and recording rights

February 24th, 2010

In existence little over a year, the London quartet’s striking debut single ‘Over Time’, and a run of dates with Good Shoes at the end of last year served notice that Wild Palms are serious contenders with a brace of diverse influences that include – but not limited to – Can, Beefheart, Sonic Youth, TV On The Radio, Billy Childish and Liquid Liquid, Neu! New Order & Talking Heads. 

Says singer Lou Hill of the new partnership, “We just feel very happy with our situation and glad that we are signing with a label like One Little Indian whose stance on the music business seems to be completely in-line with our philosophy. The most attractive aspect of One Little Indian is that they allow us complete creative control, something that if we were not given I think it would be completely detrimental to us as people and as a band. One Little Indian were very enthusiastic from the very start and I hope we can repay that interest. We have the security of 3 albums and are being given the time and space to evolve and develop, which we are looking forward to eagerly. Here’s to a very fruitful relationship.” 

The band have been in the studio with Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Clinic, Interpol, Wire, Depeche Mode) working on fresh material for a September album release – expect to hear new single ‘Deep Dive’ soon. As one might expect from a bunch of forward thinkers like Wild Palms, things are moving on quickly. Speaking to NME at the start of this month, singer Hill signalled, “The stuff we are writing now is a complete departure from anything scratchy or angular – it’s warm and it’s expansive.” 

The band went down a storm supporting Mercury nominated The Invisible at an NME Awards show last week and play White Heat tonight (Tuesday 23rd) and are on the road nationallly until 19th March: 


5th – The Georgian Theatre – Stockton on Tees

6th – The Dog and Parrot – Newcastle

12th – Girton College, Cambridge

13th – Double Magazine Warehouse Party, Manchester

15th – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

16th – Bongo Club, Edinburgh

17th – Roxy, Newcastle

19th – Amplified, Newcastle

Generator 2nd floor

February 23rd, 2010

Listen to this great track from our beloved Freelance Whales, aaaaaaaaawesome!


Catch the Whales at the theatre near you:

Us Tour Dates

3/1- Webster Hall – New York, NY (With Shout Out Louds)

3/5 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA

3/6 – Rock N Roll Hotel – Washington, D.C

3/7 – Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC

3/9 – The End – Nashville, TN

3/10 – Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN

3/11 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA

3/12 – Harvest Of Hope Festival – St. Augustine, FL

3/13 – Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL

3/14 – The Engine Room – Tallahassee, FL

3/16 – Mango’s – Houston, TX

3/22 – The Rhythm Room – Phoenix, AZ

3/23 – The Casbah – San Diego, CA

3/24 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

3/25 – Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA

3/28 – Crocodile Café – Seattle, WA

3/29 – The Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC

3/31 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT

4/1 – Hi Dive – Denver, CO

4/2 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS

4/3 – Turf Club – St. Paul, MN

4/4 – Schuba’s – Chicago, IL

4/6 – El Mocambo Club – Toronto, ON

4/7 – Il Motore – Montreal, QB

4/8 – The Middle East – Boston, MA

GERMANY AT SXSW 2010: it’s wunderbar!

February 23rd, 2010

Wunderbar presents Lunch with the Germans, a first-ever music and culinary event, at SXSW 2010. Acquaint yourself with some of Germany’s best and brightest while sampling the country’s traditional and modern culinary delights. Finally, German music and food join the SXSW party, bringing you one stellar chance to network, dance, and chow down!  

Lunch with the Germans will take place from 12-3pm Thursday, March 18 at a lovely modern diner and nightclub on 6th Street (more info at the RSVP link below). Hayk Seirig and Phillip Patzig, the two gourmet chefs behind Berlin’s outdoor venue/gastropub Bar 25, will man the stoves, while staples in the underground house music scene will provide entertainment. Get Physical’s  DJ Heidi will be performing as well as Kompakt’s DJ Tobias Thomas and Matias Aguayo. Get your invitation at www.initiative-music.de/sxsw to ensure your place at this one-of-a-kind event!

Initiative Musik will be the official host of the event financed by the German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. Initiative Musik is a funding agency set up by the German government to sustain the country’s music industry. Specializing in primarily Rock, Pop, and Jazz, the goal of agency is to promote the export of German music, new artists, and encourage cultural diversity with in the industry.  

The lunch is the first time localized German organizations are coming together to present some of the best talent they have to offer. C/o Pop is a Cologne -based organization that presents annual festivals and conferences dedicated to furthering contemporary pop culture of all varieties. ReeperbahnFestival is Hamburg‘s answer to unleashing creative energy: it houses performances, panels, and receptions. (And keep an eye out: Reeperbahn will also be sponsoring a barbeque and a Filter event!) Jazzahead! is a Bremen-based organization that presents jazz from all over the world with a focus on European jazz. It has established itself as the place to go  to meet important industry players and to gain insight into what’s happening in the scene. And, finally, Berlin Musik Week (with its trade fair Popkomm), the first of its kind to take place in September 2010.

Be sure to check out the wide range of German acts represented at this year’s SXSW. From soul to avant-garde experimentalism, there’s far more to the German music scene than their iconic electro (though, while we’re at it, there’s an impressive array of that, too…). At SXSW, a German Music Guide will be circulating, so keep an eye out for it and take full advantage of these great German artists! Here are a few highlights:

Niobe is Tomlab artist Yvonne Cornelius, a mainstay of the international experimental music scene for the last 15 years. Her music is a spirited interplay of classic and popular set pieces.

Missincat is Berlin-based songwriter Caterina Barbieri, whose minimal folk songs gained critical acclaim on her 2009 debut, “Back on my Feet.”

Matias Aguayo The native Chilean is a child of the Cologne electro-scene, and has released his EPs, remixes, and two full-lengths through electro label Kompakt. 

Malente After spending his youth doing hip hop and pop and achieving positive feedback, Malente turned towards electronic music with lasting success. 

Hauschka is Dusseldorf pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann, one of the most important contemporary figures of the national and international avant-garde music scene.

Garth Steel Klippert

February 23rd, 2010

This is ‘Music for taxicabs’ by Garth Steel Klippert on Field Hymns. Check out the first track on this wonderful album.

Port Of Entry (A Boy Was Born)

Soul Coughing

February 22nd, 2010

I wanted to write about these guys for the longest time. A good friend of mine, Yuval Gabay, one of the funkiest, grooviest tightest drummers was the energizer of Soul coughing, a 90`s band fronted by Mike Doughty. Soul coughing was an alternative rock band, with a unique vocal delivery – rhyming, chanting, singing. Together with upright bass player Sebastian Steinberg and Sampler player Mark De Gli Antoni, they were signed to Warner brothers, and released 3 albums, enjoyed minor success with Super Bon Bon and an X files and Batman & soundtrack songs. The opening line for the song………. Is …”A man, drives a plane, into the Chrysler building”…, and that was years before The Twins incident. Their sound is so unique, produced by the extremely talented Tchad Blake ( Peter Gabriel, Bonnie Raitt, Suzan Vega, Sheryl Crow, Crowded house, Travis) with the upright going through Sans amp adds beautiful saturation,and Yuval`s real tight and dry snare.

Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago


February 20th, 2010

Just to give you a taste here is Riders Sleep Alone

Sterogum and team9 presents: 2009 mashed up

February 20th, 2010


Australian-based producer Neil Mason has been releasing music under the team9 name for over a decade. His outstanding mashups first came on our radar in 2004. In 2005, he teamed with Party Ben on the infamous American Edit. Since then Stereogum & team9 have collaborated remotely as often as possible. MySplice was launched in December ’06. In 2007, using new alias Found Sound Orchestra, Neil was commissioned by Stereogum to create background music to David Cross’s “Fitter Happier” cover on OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer. MySplice Vols 2 and 3 followed. Meanwhile Neil’s remained as busy as ever down in Oz, most notably releasing Found Sound Orchestra’s sampledelic debut album Memorabilica. It’s available for free download at team9.net and is heavily influenced by The Avalanches, Quiet Village, Air France, etc


Shout Out Louds Get Remixed By Passion Pit – FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

February 20th, 2010

In celebration of the February 23 release of their upcoming album, Work (Merge Records), Sweden’s Shout Out Louds are offering up a FREE MP3 Remix download of the first single “Fall Hard.” The remix was done by Cambridge, MA’s electronic-pop sensation Passion Pit. Already an infectious slice of pop perfection, once in the hands of Passion Pit, “Fall Hard” becomes blissed out and, as Pitchfork said, “synthed up.”