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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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40 tracks that made our 2010 better

Those are mostly bedroom gems, mainly lofi jams (not only) that made us smile during 2010, or drift away, blasting our tiny multimedia system way up. We feel this bunch of songs defines what we do and the direction we take. Song order is purely coincidental and completely meaningless. Happy holidays to you all.

Junk culture – ‘Summer friends’

Musicians like Deepak, AKA Junk culture, a new breed of bedroom wizards, where abilities and capabilities are stretched to technology limits, while everything is possible. ‘Summer friends’ is so musical and imaginative.

Summer Friends


Valleys – ‘Ten Thousand hours’

Give us 3 chords and ragged sounds and we are all set…

Ten Thousand hours


Spectrals – ‘I ran with love but I couldn’t keep up’

Listen to this song and you`ll understand why we love Louis Jones. All you`ll need is the opening guitar riff

I ran with love but couldn`t keep up


Lower Dens – ‘Blue & Silver’

Something almost mystical about this band, dark and lo/weird fi, and it shows you Jana knows how to get what she wants.

Blue & Silver


Young magic – ‘you with air’

No wonder Carpark ( the home for Cloud nothings and Toro Y Moi ) has signed Young magic. ‘You with air’, a kinda anthem chant song, we dig it.

You with air


Saroos – ‘See me not’

When our friend AZ says he likes a song we write about, you know this is the s…

See me not


Foxes in fiction – ‘Flashing lights have ended now’

If I was 18 I would have Warren Hildebrand`s poster on my bedroom wall

Flashing lights have ended now


Winter drones – Watch your eyes

Cassette releases, ambience, feedback, guitar drones, winter, fuzz, distortion, noise, organized mayhem, Leon Dufficy.

Watch your eyes


Houses – Endless spring

That`s how it sounds when you have to light candles in an effort to save solar power to keep your computer running, Dexter Tortoriello and Megan`s great adventure, living in a cabin in Hawaii, working for meals during the day cultivating indigenous microorganisms and learning the basics of sustainable living, drinking, showering and cooking with rain water, and writing some awesome tracks.

Endless spring


Allister Izenberg – Van Dyke Parks

One of the greatest lofi poets/ musicians/ songwriters.

Van Dyke Parks


Wise blood – Solo

Soulful T rex type shit, Ragged Moby maybe, we love it, Great signing, Dovecote.



Telekinesis – Dirty thing

Don’t you know by now that we love dirty things?????

Dirty thing


Radical face – Doorways

Ben Cooper is a hero, maybe he doesn’t know it yet, but hold on…



Coma cinema – Her sinking sun

A nu breed of bedroom heros, lofi cassette recordings, that enhances the feel.

Her sinking sun


Shilpa Ray – Beating St Louis

This girl can`t be tamed. Check out one of Nick Cave`s favorite new discoveries

Beating St Louis


El boy die – Under my broken tree

Acoustic guitar and angelic voices and harmonies. So simple and beautiful.

Under my broken tree


Nadine Khouri – Blue of princes

This Lebanese singer really did it to us. We didn’t expect this track to hit us so hard

Blue of princes


Grandchildren – Saturn returns

From Emerson Lake & palmer to Animal Collective….

Saturn returns


Translations – The wanderer

We feel right at home with those lofi NYC ambassadors.

The Wanderer


Callers – You are an arc

I simply trust Brian`s taste ( Western vinyl). When he recommends an artist or a track to us, it`s a definite yes.

You are an arc


Chappo – Sweet high

Just the thought about these guys make me smile, and man, they can write and produce some nasty music. If you don’t believe me or think I`m biased in any way, listen to this track, better if you listen to it while seated at the driving wheel of your Red Mustang.

Sweet high


Motorifik – A vision

Was our September Anthem, and rightfully so.

A vision


Wildbirds and peacedrums – Fight for me

Percussives and vocals – that`s all it took

Fight for me


Cloud nothings – Hey cool kid

Dylan Baldi with another bedroom killer

Hey cool kid


The soft moon – Parallels

Luis Vasquez on a ragged mission



Julian Lynch – Just enough

One of the masters. A short paragraph won`t be enough to describe this dude, so maybe a track would do the job

Just enough


Young man – Up so fast

It was a hard decision whether to include ‘Up so fast’ or ‘Five’. I dig both, so my young daughter has decided for me

Up so fast


Ducktails – Hamilton road

Matt Mondanile is theee man, or a kid, but as he states he has finally moved out of his parents house, we figured has matured by now. ‘Hamilton road’ is the best sonic example defining what we are after

Hamilton road


Oberhofer – Awy frm u

Awy frm u has to be included

Awy frm u


Land of talk – Quarry Hymns

I have heard the first vocal line of the first verse and got hooked

Quarry Hymns


Yellow Fever – Bermuda triangle

These guys are so unique sounding, childlike, paranormal as the Bermuda triangle, just listen to the primitive complexity of this song.

Bermuda triangle


Viernes – Entire empire

This is one of the first bands I would include, I really respect what these 2 dudes are doing, and I wish them all the luck in the world, so they would continue putting out great tracks like ‘Entire Empire’

Entire empire


Flight – Ghosts

Served with a plastic spoon ( you don’t really need a silver one..)



Twin sister – Lady daydream cassette version

…” We record music from our apartments for you”…

Lady daydream cassette version


City center – Sky flowers

Although drumless, their music forces you to move.

Sky flowers


The Luyas – Tiny head

Tiny heads, large plates.

Tiny head


Moon duo – Dead west

So inspiring and reverberating

Dead west


The binary marketing show – I hate my brain

Fun mayhem, no binary order, only ones, no zeros.

I hate my brain



Memoryhouse – Bonfire




White fence – The love between

Record your song and downsample it to 8 bit. If it still sounds good, you know you got something.

The love between



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