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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Calico hero

October 14th, 2012

Another Calico Corp. hero right here. Eric Copeland is theee man. His instrumental mayhem/ hip hop, colorful to the max samplemania, is something we could really appreciate here consider where we are coming from, exploring the origin of sampling and Hip Hop birth days. This is one of the most out there psych instrumental singles we have heard in awhile, and make us so happy to be doing what we do that enables us to hear such heavenly sounds.



October 14th, 2012

2-3 years ago I was introduced to Slim Twig’s music by a small PR agency. I loved what I have heard. A combination of ragged beats, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, Garage music, distorted guitars, noisy samples, cool freaky twisted vocals, and to sum it up, kick a.. bedroom music just the way we love it. Few weeks ago I have received his new recording venture, A hound at the Hem. Again, freaky and twisted and a tad creepy as a friend was telling me while we were riding her car and listening to the first track off this project titled “Heavy Splendour”. I really dig this, and find it quite brave and truly inspiring and motivating.


Last but not least

August 31st, 2012

Wedidit have released Ryan Hemsworth’s Last Word EP last week. ‘Slurring’, a track off that EP demonstrates R.H skills plus remixes from Shlohmo and Supreme Cuts to name a few. Visuals are on the house..


Why steal? Actually, Why not?

July 9th, 2012

Jib Kidder Steals guitars. actually, its a harsh word, so lets say he borrows. Besides, its not guitars, just guitar parts. He samples all those country and spaghetti westerns, rootsy American guitar parts, that actually could fit perfectly on a Tarantino movie, and turns this frantic mixture into funk heaven. As he states on his bandcamp page, he has been creating new junk out of existing junk for the past 15 years. He got the Midas touch for funk, manipulating those breakbeats and turning them into his own. Using all those cheesy bits and pieces as an instrument, and mastering this art in such a creative manner, turning his music to an upgraded Wiseguys version. While playing his ‘Steal guitar’ record (released few months ago), I had a feeling this record reflects my life right now. There is something so meaningful for me about this organized clolorful mayhem, and it truly fits the frenzied mood I am in right now, plus, I find it ultra inspiring. Incredible, my friends.



Devil’s flower

Oh yeah

May 20th, 2012

The Angry Long Island dude says “Fuk Everybody”. That’s cool right there, but its not the only thing. He says: I can make them beats too. We bet you he can…and we love them bad ass shitsss

Listen to our new platform; SOB radio

May 12th, 2012

SOB stands for ‘Sound Of A Bitch’and is a new extension of The Lofiles org platform. We have decided, after 4 years of fruitful blogging, to expose the artists we believe in to a wider crowd, and to try to run this web station in a unlimited fashion as possible. We are really open to suggestions, recommendations, if there is an interesting artist you might think of that fits the Lofiles bill, Lofi, Experimental, Musical, Minimalistic, Uncompromising, etc, let us know. In the meantime, visit us HERE

Kid der you not

April 28th, 2012

We love Jib Kidder’s music ssssso much..



Jewellers Premiere

April 24th, 2012

Jewellers made my day. Their recent recording venture, ‘Lakeswimming’, was released yesterday, followed me today, on this crazy errand day. From the Jewellers mouth: We (Gareth Leaman and Gareth Young) come from the sunny (rhymes with funny) town of Newport, South Wales (UK) .we make music with warped samples, synths, noises and cut up beats and the odd guitar.And few words about this gorgeous hypnotizing creation:…””We started forming this album pretty much a year ago, just after we released ‘Sleep Education’. We aimed to move away from ambient soundscapes and sampled loops towards a more beat-driven, glitchy and warped sound. We got really excited when songs like Sing Trees were forming so wanted to make more of these upbeat and densely layered tracks”….I find this record truly inspiring, and more important, soothing. Their meditative journey is like a homeopathic medication for my borderline OCD behavior. I really abused ‘Thirty six’, the ultrafunky soulfull ‘Easier Together’, the beautiful sounding Statues, let me tell you something; a lot of work went into this mature album, and it is wel worth your attention and change, I mean, you could buy it only for 4 quid HERE. By the way, Artwork by Dean Howe



January 31st, 2012

I just love the concept, sound, and look of what these Mass./ Brooklyn guys release. This time around for UUU tapes its Nem270, Bosnian producer Nemanja Gostimirovic. He is residing now in Ottawa. Desktop Pain is an odds and ends EP drawn from a massive library of unused/weird Nem270 instrumentals selected by Triple You Tapes. Nem270 has produced tracks for Lil B, Main Attrakionz, Squadda B, Mondre, Shady Blaze, Yarrow Slaps, Western Tink to name but a few…listen to his For the girl, our favorite off his ‘Desktop pain’.

Free download HERE


Sahy Uhns

January 17th, 2012