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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Twenty-four months, 1,100 posts, 500 artists, and we are so happy to still be here, exploding with energy (yeah, believe it or not, we’ve still got some strength left in us). Some of our favorite artists have sent us lovely birthday presents, from songs they wrote especially for the occasion, original clips, fun photos, and birthday wishes. We have so many great gifts to share with you.

We really want to thank our devoted followers and supporters, all these great artists we believe in and whose music we love so much. So Happy Birthday Lofiles….and may there be many more!


American country beatnik Emit Bloch makes lofi bluegrass music, relying on a rare combination of lyricist/narrative/ songwriter abilities, in addition to his guitar playing and picking. Our lofi troubadour recorded the songs of his debut album Dictaphones Vol. 1 at home from his kitchen table for the princely sum of just £6, with all tracks recorded directly to Dictaphone. Now, he has sent us what seems to be the beginnings of Dictaphones Volume 2, a song that is videotaped and audio recorded only with the camera`s mic. This is Emit exploring and blurring the margin between a field recording and a music video.

Emit wishes:  “Happy Birthday Lo-Files. Number 2! Thanks for Standing Up for the Downside and being new in a place where spirits are ancient. I’m investigating using the video camera as an instrument, interested in blurring the margin between a field recording and a music video. The movement of the camera and its closeness to the source (in this case me) affects the sound and an ambient clip, (the ‘smoking’ clip in this case) forms the bridge between chorus and middle eight. I stripped the audio from the video editted from a few takes and did some addtional production in garageband then slapped it back on the video. The song is still a work in progress…and always will be…love that about live music…it doesn’t dry
like paint. And it has so many colors. this version is especially for Shlomo and Lo-Files”.


When I was first introduced to Andria`s wonderful music, it called to mind thoughts of innocence, naivety, something child-like and pure, something yet untarnished by this world. Pantaleimon`s music, to those of you who never heard of her, is minimalistic, hypnotic, and mostly acoustic, like a soundtrack for the Yoga classes she has been teaching, where the spaces between the played notes are as important as the voices you hear. I am sorry if I am getting too schmaltzy here but this woman really touches my heart. ‘If I was’ is a song she has recorded and sent us especially for the occasion.

Andria Wishes: “Happy Birthday for two times around to Shlomo and Lofiles! You are eternal. AD x”



Stelios Romaliadis was born in 1981 in Athens, Greece and is proud of the fact he studied the flute with Sofia Mavrogenidou. He is also a member of the Yellow Elephant Ensemble and is the founder of the international collective Lüüp. More to the point, he has composed a gorgeous flute piece for our second birthday and we are more than grateful for that.

Stelios wishes: “happy birthday Lofiles, wish for creativity”….



Rachel Grimes released her solo piano album Book of Leaves in 2009. Prior to that she lead Rachel’s Music for Egon Schiele (composer and piano player), which resulted in six albums on Quarterstick/Touch & Go Records. Our birthday gift is a track titled ‘Loretto’, a live improvisation made in May 2005 at Sisters of Loretto in Nerinx, Kentucky.



The Band in Heaven reverb soaked fields, where dreams overlap reality, where shoe gazing starts and pop ends… with a happy birthday wish and a great little demo they sent us, from the ever sunny Florida to your rain soaked neighborhood.

TBIH Wishes: “Happy Birthday from Florida, we look forward to the day you come of age and we can court you unabashedly”



This is one hallucinatory journey, and if I can give you one piece of advice, don’t listen to this album high…it could mess you up big time. This band has been among my favorites for a while and it’s not the first time I mention ‘Cloudland Canyon’. Try to focus on the details, you simply can’t, the music just carries you away and keeps you wondering.


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Shlomo and Lofiles. May you have many more wonderful returns.

– Kip, Kelly, Aaron, Scott & Susan.



“My name is Nive. I’m an Inuk, a real Eskimo from Greenland. Seriously. I play music, mostly on my little red ukelele and with some help from my friends”. Sweet, naïve Nive Nielsen, she has sent us a great live version of ‘Circumstances’ with our friend Naim Amor (Calexico connection) in Tucson.



Victoire is a chamber-rock ensemble founded and led by composer/pianist Missy Mazzoli (Olivia De Prato, violin, Eileen Mack, clarinet, Lorna Krier, keyboards, and Eleonore Oppenheim, double bass). This group, a stirring blend of winds, strings, keyboards and lofi electronics was recently dubbed “an all-star, all-female quintet” by Time Out New York. The have sent us a song from their recent album ‘Cathedral City’

Victoire Wishes: Happy birthday Lofiles! Keep making the music scene a little more beautiful. Greetings from Brooklyn!!! All the best – congrats on your birthday! Best, Missy

A Song for Mick Kelly


When Hip Hop emerged during the Eighties, we used to slice beats to death, rearrange them and make fresh ones using the first AKAI samplers, mainly the famous s900`s triggered by a SP12 or MPC drum machines. Thirty-odd years have passed, technology had immensely changed, and musicians like Deepak Mantena AKA Junk Culture have mastered beat slicing and samples manipulation and taken them to new heights.

Deepak wishes: “2 more years of Lofiles and 2 more years of Twitter.”

Here’s a previously unreleased track called “Ra’s New Rhythm”



..”Here’s a redux that we did for Strangeloop off of his ‘Are We Lost Mammals’ of an ‘Approaching Transcendental Epoch’ record. We re-envisioned the fourth movement and titled it, appropriately, ‘Lost Mammals’. It’s currently making for a nice closer at our live shows. The photo is of Jonathan D. Haskell (Seven Saturdays), shot at The Gaylord Apartments on Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles by Melissa Esterby“.

SS Wishes: Congratulations on two full years! You made it! Time to sit back and enjoy a nice single malt from your good friends from Seven Saturdays. Personally, we’re big fans of the Balvenie and Oban, although they’re both a bit pricey. Congratulations, and thanks as always for supporting Seven Saturdays. Happy Birthday!! Xoxo



You don’t need to see the cover of No Pussyfooting (one of my favorite albums while growing up, an album by Fripp & Eno) listed as an influence on Viernes. It’s enough to hear the first note of the incredible ‘Entire Empire’ to understand where Alberto Hernandez and Sean Moore are coming from.

Alberto wishes: wish



Ecstatic Sunshine are now Matt Papich on guitars and art school friend Kieran Gillen, who has replaced guitar player Dustin Wong and joined on electronics, mixing and sampling guitar lines in real-time. This incarnation of Ecstatic Sunshine recorded Way, the band’s third LP and the first for Cardboard Records. This birthday demo gives you a taste of the experimental nature of their new direction and we loooove it…

Ecstatic sunshine wishes: “Dream Operator, Electric Razor

Mrs. Dissolver (Demo)


Almost God Records claim that …”So long as bands like Chappo exist, there is hope for music”. We love Chappo and ‘Sweet High’ they sent us as for our second birthday kept us high the whole day.

Chappo wishes: “Happy Birthday! You’re two! That’s like 150 in blog years!”



Benjamin Cooper is some kind of a genius. We have been following this guy and his different ventures for years now – from Electric President to Iron Orchestra to Mother`s Basement and now as Radical Face. He explains the productivity factor: “I blame Autumn. This is my favorite time of year. Whenever Fall shows up, I find myself writing and recording constantly. It’s the time when I’m most excited to make things. And as a result, I usually get in over my head and wind up juggling five projects at once. Happens every year”….

Ben wishes: “Congratulations on making it two years! It’s easy to quit things like this, which is all the more reason perseverance should be applauded. So thanks for the support, and best wishes for 2011.



They use all the ingredients one does cook up a pop song, but somehow they manage to sound unique and unlike any other band we have heard lately. While their name means excessive or obtrusive artificial light, Light Pollution is making some really sincere music.



It all started when brothers Calvin and Cayce Pia began collaborating with long-time friend and musician Blake Charleton on a few ideas, contributing his guitar playing style and voice to the mix. ‘Tick Tock’ is an unreleased track by Akudama, performed live at Pianos in New York City on March 18 2010.

Akudama wishes: 

Happy Birthday, Lofiles! Ma hamatzav karish? Love, //Aku Crew//

Tick_Tock (live)


We are honored to receive a track off the ‘Foreign Landscapes’ album as a birthday gift. Lofiles has been following Hauschka`s career for quite some time, listening to his recent recording venture released by Fatcat so many times and never getting bored with it. Pianist/ musician Volker Bertelmann has chosen to send us ‘Madeira’, a piece accompanied by Magik*Magik Orchestra, a 12-piece string and wind ensemble from San Francisco.



When you love someone, they love you back. That`s the case with the lovely Sóley Stefánsdóttir, a 23 year old girl from Reykjavik, student of composition and a member of the Icelandic indie-collective Seabear, that had sent us the title track of her lovely debut album ‘Theatre Island‘,released by Morr music, an album written and performed mostly on a piano.

Soley wishes: “Yes, Best birthday wishes from Soley, now traveling to San Diego (usa) with Seabear! Hopefully one day i’ll pass through Tel Aviv”.

Soley_ Theater Island


Florian Zimmer (Iso68, Jersey), Christoph Brandner (Lali Puna, Console) and Max Punktezahl (the Notwist, Contriva) are as much scientists as they are composers and instrumentalists. I can really relate to that because for me, when a song starts, two things can happen: one is that I don’t dig it, and if I do, its sound just carries me away. I guess that`s part of the reason why I find it very hard to complete tracks, because when I start with a sound I like, I forget about everything else. But Saroos are able to focus and deliver, as you will hear when you listen to the audible gift we have received from Saroos, off ‘See Me Not’, their latest.

Saroos wishes: ” 2 years … lightyears in internet ages… all the best for the years to come!”



Olof is a very special person, musician, and a singer. Once you’ve heard her you`ll never forget her. Her voice, the way she sings, the sparse arrangements of songs, the arpeggios and chord voicings…we are proud to have her among our friends. Greetings from Iceland with ‘Klara‘.



I saw them live in Tel Aviv a few months ago for the first time. Hank & Cupcakes are husband and wife, she is the lead singer and the drummer – hitting them drums while standing up – and he is a killer bass player, doing everything else – bass lines, textures, triggering keyboard sounds and samples, while surrounded by tons of pedal boards, distortion, chorus, pitch shifters, loopers, and delays. Making magic happen, and keeping it all in the family.

H & C Wishes: “We wish Lofiles a sweet 2 year anniversary celebration! Love what you’re doing, keep on the good work!”



From Hickory Farms land to the lofi mines, Delofi has been a cutting edge and influential producer who is known for his tape-driven compositions for quite some time now. We are thrilled to showcase his ability with this audible birthday gift he has sent us.



Chris Mansfield from Seattle, USA is Fences. And Fences is just the first taste of great things to come. “Everything that Chris writes, melodically and lyrically, has that rare balance of patience and urgency that I love in honest, haunting pop songs”, says Sara Quin, of Tegan & Sara, who produced his album. The road Fences took starts deep in the Eighties, with Robert Smith and Morrisey, and could take him really far. This is collaboration with Macklemore, a popular neighbor of his.

Otherside feat. Fences


Swedish duo Mariam Wallentin and her husband Andreas Werliin are Wildbirds and Peacedrums. They met while studying music improvisation in the University of Gothenberg . Their music consists mostly of percussives and samples played by Andreas and vocals by Mariam.




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  1. Congrats. Awesome how much stuff you do & I wanted you to know I appreciate & admire it.

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