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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Lofiles Vol. 1

Instructions:  To download or listen to the whole compilation as a mixtape click HERE. To access the lovely pop up playlist of the compilation click on the right hand Pink ghettoblaster widget. (On the right sidebar under The Recent Posts Category)


Goldmund (The Malady of elegance) –Threnody

Keith Kennif is a multi-instrumentalist, who from a young age was influenced by minimalist composers such as Morton Feldman and Howard Skempton, in addition to civil war folk songs, and who started writing piano music in 2004 as Goldmund. For me, Minimalism is the ultimate form of music; the silence in between the notes is as important as what`s being played. I love Keith`s work as Goldmund, and Threnody is my favorite track off this album.

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Tape (Luminarium) – Beams

Brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling, and Tomas Hallonsten, the Swedish trio known as Tape, released Milieu in 2003, and it sounded like nothing else.  Improvised yet still tenderly composed, taking cues from both the gentlest of free jazz and Brian Eno’s ideas of ambient music it is at the same time inspired from both Swedish folk music and broken pop balladry. I heard the track Beams, off their Luminarium album about a year ago, and knew at once that it had to be part of a future compilation.

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Garth Steel Kippert (music for taxicabs) – Port of entry

This album was recorded over the course of three years by a cab driver living in an office building. Rife with audio collage, dirty saxophone, cheap organ and a dash of lunacy, Music for Taxicabs is truly a lost legend. Now ten years old, this is the opening track on the album.

Support the artist. Buy his music here


Mike Coykendall (The unbearable being of likeness) – Luna Momma

If you have heard of Portland’s Mike Coykendall, you probably know him from his association with M. Ward, She & Him, Richmond Fontaine, and Blitzen Trapper, the bands he has engineered, produced, and performed with over recent years.  Off his new album, The Unbearable Being of Likeness, this is one of our favorites, the lofi Luna Momma.

Support the artist. Buy his music here


Friendo (Cold Toads) – Counter time

Michael Wallace`s trio chose to release this EP on unmastered cassettes. Cold Toads, a homemade project, is the mother of lofi projects, recorded on cassette decks, 4-track tapes, and built-in computer mics, contributing to its ragged cheapo sound, turning it to a Lofiles favorite right away.

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Shuta Hasunuma (Pop Ooga) – Power Osci

This music is a result of endless tweaking of oscillators, filters, envelopes, and LFO`s, creating a magical world, something of which Shuta Hasunuma is really an expert.  Although not his latest, I really love this piece, and thank my friends at WV for letting me include Power Osci.

Support the artist. Buy their music here


White fence – The love between

White Fence is one man, Tim Presley, singer of the garage-soul band Darker My Love, and currently a member of the Strange Boys, who demonstrates that one doesn’t need a big budget these days to make a great album.

Support the artist. Buy his record here


Aarktica Sky burial remix ( In sea remixes ) – I am

After moving to Brooklyn in 2008, Jon DeRosa recorded the album In Sea, released on Slibermedia in 2009.  The In Sea Remix album is coming out soon, featuring artists such as Ramses 3, Yellow6, Ramora, Landing, and more. My favorite track is the Sky Burial Remix. 

Support the artist. Buy his record here


Black mold (Snow blindness is crystal antz) – Metal spider webs

With Black Mold, singer/songwriter Chad VanGaalen really has the freedom to experiment and he finds a magical way to balance acoustic sounds with noises, samples, and electronic textures. The opening track of Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz has always been my preferred selection.

Support the artist. Buy his album here


Bing & Ruth (David Moore) City Lake – Rails

We love David Moore`s music, whether it’s his solo piano albums or recordings with his ensemble – Bing & Ruth.  Rails is off their latest album, City Lake.

Support the artist. Buy his music here


Timo Ellis – The headlong flight back to Feudalism

Timo Ellis is a New York multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with Yoko Ono, Mark Ronson, Jamiroquai, Cibo Matto, Sean Lennon, and John Zorn just to name a few and is a madman, though I believe he may have been comatose when he composed this track. If you compare this to his other projects, you won’t believe it was written by the same person.  The Netherlands is his punk band, and on his real Timo Ellis MySpace page, he is on some Van Halen trash metal type of s…, all sounds great by the way, but for this lofiles project, we chose this ambient track. I guess he was on the pink pills that day (joke)…

Support the artist. Buy his music here


Christopher Tignor ( Core memory unwound ) – Core memory unwound

Composer Christopher Tignor transforms his intimate pieces for piano and violin with his signature software, which he uses as a musical instrument, creating (by sampling his band members) new works on the fly. This is one unique sounding album.

Support the artist. Buy his music here


Rafael Anton Irisarri (Balmorhea remixed) – Harm and Boon

Multi-instrumentalist Irisarri has done the best remix on the Balmorhea remix project. Known for his repetitive motifs and inspired by a wide range of composers, from Mahler to Harlod Budd, this Seattle-based composer has created a magical track, slow evolving, but dramatic and full of tension.

Support the artist. Buy his music here


Heavy birds – Grey

The first time we heard this duo, it was their demos, filled with spontaneous raw energy, mostly guitars, and we urged them to keep their music that way. We are proud to include Grey on this compilation. One of their MySpace photos shows those 2 classic guitar amps, Vibro Champ and a Tube reverb – that explains everything.

Support the artists. Buy their music here


Justin Bennett – Mosques of Tanger

The versatile, experimental, and innovative artist, Justin Bennett climbed up to a rooftop in Tangier very early in the morning, at a time when only the Muezzins are up wailing their prayers and messages to their followers over cheap mosque PA systems, and taped it as a 30 minute musical piece, divided to 9 tracks.

This album is available for free download here



This track, ‘Tanger’, is a perfect ending for this compilation, a collection of tracks and artists that deeply touched us, and we are honored to include all those talents, some are known and some are less known, for your listening pleasure (even if demanding at times). We have chosen the artists that challenge your ears and mind, and keep you thinking way after listening, like a great movie, that makes a great impression on you and stays with you for a long time.

Lofiles org would like to thank all those wonderful people for their help and support:

Brian@Western Vinyl, Brian John Mitchell@Silbermedia, Brooke Black@Bighassle, Daniel Gill@Forcefieldpr, Dylan@Fieldhymnsrecords, Grace Jones@Tellallyourfriendspr, Ian Russell@Flemisheyerecords, Inge Colsen@Pressherepublicity, Johan Berthling@ Hapna records , John Twells@ Typerecords, Jon DeRosa aka Aarktica, Sir Justin Bennett, Ryan Bourque of Heavy Birds, , Garth Steel Kippert, Mike Coykendall, Michael Wallace, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Chad Vangaalen, Tim Presely, Shuta Hasunuma, and the Lofiles team.

Curated by SHS

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