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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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April 23rd, 2013

I have discovered this wonderful artist through a message I just got from an Argentinian friend I have met few years ago in Tel Aviv. Lautaro Feldman is an ultra talented 8 string guitar player/ musician and has a concert coming up with Mariana Paraway, a singer/ songwriter you got to listen to. If you are lucky enough to be catching them while on mini tour, you are not going to be disappointed, I could assure you that much.



August 29th, 2009

Lautaro Feldman is a master of his art, his art being songwriting, playing his classical guitar and performing his songs. Originally from Argentina, I saw him playing on the street collecting pennies and fell in love with his music, Especially was moved by one song, called Trampa. I had videotaped him playing that song on a lofi set as well, and you could see that on Lolive. Listen to that wonderfull song.



April 12th, 2009


Saw him play on a street fair. 8 string guitar made for him, with 2 extra bass strings, reminded me of a latin Jose Gonzalez, originaly from Argentina, traveling around and now in Israel, Lautaro Feldman sounds good. He says his 8 string classical guitar and its sound give him inspiration. Listen to Trampa