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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Yellow bird project

January 27th, 2011

I am all cited to tell you about this wonderful nonprofit organization I have discovered,  based in Montreal founded by 2 uni grads, Casey and Matt. Its called The Yellow bird project, and they work with an amzing roster of indie artists ( Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Beach house, Devendra Banhart, Grizzly Bear, Joseph Arthur, to name but a few), to create unique T shirts designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the artists.

Read what they say about themselves: ..”You can think of us as a tree of creativity, with branches joining together indie musicians, charitable organizations, and t-shirts with a fashionable punch. We’re a non-profit Montreal based organization dedicated to bringing our customers the finest of quality, originality, and philanthropy. We seek out only the coolest of cool artists, collaborate with them to design awesomely awesome tee-shirts, and give all the prettiest of pretty profits to charities of the artists’ choice.”

The mission:

1. To raise money for charities directly through the barter and trade of our fab tee-shirts. Unfortunately we no longer accept goats; money proved to be an easier currency to store.

2. To raise awareness for charity organizations and their aims through artists’ endorsement. YBP is a very different venue for these charities. It brings in a lot of younger people and encourages philanthropy from treble and bass clefts. It is definitely more work to have multiple charities, rather than one fund, but we think it allows the artists to pick something that is truly important to them. 

3. To raise the profile of artists we like. We by no means want to or presume to have the ability to make artists into marketed machines and different versions of Ms. Spears, but we want to help raise their profiles and get them the attention that they deserve. We hope YBP can in some way help artists and music to prosper, and in turn help those less fortunate.

Listen to their Theme song written and performed by The tallest man on earth:


Watch the clip on Vimeo

Will Thomas

September 24th, 2010

Dive Index is the project of New York composer and producer Will Thomas, but he often enlists the help of guest vocalists for his records. For sophomore LP  The Surface We Divide, Thomas sent out his ideas to Joseph Arthur, Cat Martino, Patrick Cooper and others around the country to create a collaboration of varied, genre-defying sounds. The album is out October 12 via Neutral Music. This is not the first time we mention Will Thomas, and you know that he has honestly earned that.


Shock the monkey

May 10th, 2010

Here is another episode of the Voice project, this time with Joseph Arthur covering Peter Gabriel`s ‘Shock the monkey’.

It`s Dawn

May 31st, 2009

Dawn Landes is into sound. After landing in NYC she started interning in the big studios and learning from the greats; Soon enough she started working with Philip Glass, Ryan Adams, Hem, Joseph Arthur and the Earlies. Then she started recording songs and experimenting late at night after everyone had left the studio. Then she met the band Hem in the studio and joined them on the road as an eighth member and as an opening act.
This is Bodygaurd, a great song she had recorded few years down the line..