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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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Backyard – The movie

August 27th, 2011

Backyard – such a small name for a great little movie about the music scene in Reykjavík featuring great Icelandic artists ( Morr & Kimmi) such as Múm, Hjaltalín, FM BELFAST, Retro Stefson, BORKO, Sin Fang. It’s a Rock-u-mentary about a dude, Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson, who is also playing with FM BELFAST, who invited top Icelandic bands like Fm Belfast, Múm, Hjáltalin, Sin Fang and many more to his backyard have a block party (it is a 2 by 2 backyard), and while the viewer is flooded with wild Icelandic colors, tones and sights, I really wish I was there cause it seems so much fun, everybody seems so positive and in good spirit, and there is some great musicianship you catch, real inspiring, adit just explained to me how come this place has become the music Mecca of the north. Movie directed by Árni Sveinsson and it is 71 minutes long with 18 minutes of bonus material. Check out the awesome trailer and run tell your friends.


more from Morr

December 15th, 2009


Visit the new Morr music shop, and help promote their independent music we love so much, artists like Lali Puna, Mum, B. Fleischmann, Hauschka, Goldmund, Masha Qrella, Norman Palm, The Notwist, Rafael Anton Irissari, Seabear, Sin Fang Bous, Why? And many more.. Buy some great CD`s for friends and family for the holidays.

More from Morr

December 6th, 2009

Check out this wonderful colorful label, it`s music is naive and at times almost childlike, beautiful and dreamy sounding. I have been listening to Morr music`s pop up player this rainy evening for hours . Artists like Sea Bear, The go find, The clean, Mum, Masha Qrella, a wonderful New Zeland alternative music compilation, The wooden birds, Sin fang bous….. as colorful as their cd cover collage.
As they say on their bio, it is as if Morr music invented their own sound or genre. Listen to their player..

Lolive presents Mum on a magical night

October 20th, 2009

Lolive presents Mum

October 19th, 2009

Check out this wonderful band – Icelandic collective called Mum – Live at the Barbie club, Tel Aviv, this is prt 1.

Mum live

October 3rd, 2009

We went to see Mum live at the Barbie club Tel Aviv last night. A great concert and a great band. Their style is so unique, their music is fascinating, 8 people on stage, great arrangements and instrumentation. We collaborated with this great college station 106FM kol Hakampus and filmed the entire show, part of it on stage with the band and we are going to post it in a few days on the Lofiles vimeo pages and right here on the Lolive section.



September 21st, 2009

Mum on lofiles