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Lofiles is a music and mp3 blog contains a collection of songs I love. MP3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like the music as much as I do, please go out and buy the records! .If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly and I will be happy to take it down ASAP.
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The very best of Lofiles – 2009

This is a collection of tracks we enjoyed listening to this year, and for those of you who are new to Lofiles, this is a great introduction to what we are doing and the direction we took during the last year – quite few tracks werent released in 2009, but as far as we are concerned, many are timeless. It is not that we dont think Animal collective or Grizzly bear arent awesome, but they dont need us. Every blog on earth has enlisted them on their top 10, and we wanted to share different music with you. Posting order is coincidental and meaningless. Lofiles is celebrating it`s 1st year of fruitful blogging and thank you all for the support, love and positive feedback we got.


1. Tinariwen ( Clerascel )

After his father had been killed in 1964 by the Malian army, Ibrahim fled to Algeria and started playing music to pass the time till he could seek revenge. He was playing a guitar made of sticks and oil cans. 10 years later Ibrahim got his first acoustic guitar and soon after he had formed Tinariwen. Ibrahim is saying he is influenced by Arabic music, Rabah Driassa and Led Zeppelin. To me it sounds like what David Byrne and Brian Eno Would have done if they came from those parts of northern Africa, or a middle eastern Talking Heads record. Incredible electric guitar riffs, singing and chanting about peace and prosperity. Very unusual and extremely funky. Percussion, repetitive fender sounding guitar riffs, chanting in the Sahara desert. A must



2. The Dellano orchestra ( As anyone will do )

The first thing they say on their myspace .. ” love is an exuse to hurt and to get hurt”…I guess they should stick to making music cause it is so much better than their truths



3. Fink – (This is the thing)

Although coming from an electronic background after spinning records for years he`s made an amazing acoustic real minimalistic sounding album with the help of studio wizard and production master, formerly of Lamb, Andy Barlow – A ****in bomb. “If only” is one of my favorites on “Distance and time”, this album is a mmmmmust.



4. David Holmes ‘Out of sight’ soundtrack (No more time outs)

One of my favorite musical adventures of David Holmes, is the soundtrack of “Out of sight”, a Sodenbergh movie I don’t really care about starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. The original Holmes pieces are real minimal, with nice sparse Fender Rhodes doing most of the job.



5. Nigeria special – (Feso Jaiye)

The twenty-six rare and exciting singles and LP tracks on Nigeria Special: were made during a brief window of party and prosperity for that nation which ended in 1970 – singers and showmen such as Celestine Ukwu, Collins Oke Elaiho and Sir Victor Uwaifo, and groups as disparate as the Funkees (former Biafran fighters who dressed and rocked like Funkadelic) and the Nigerian Police Force Band (a jamming combo of actual cops) invented rich, hypnotic funk, at once primal and modern, in diverse blends of the older regional pop (highlife), tribal vocal and drumming traditions, and the amplified impact of Western rock and soul.



6. Karen Dalton – ( Something on my mind)

Bob Dylan wrote about her:…” ‘My favorite singer in the place (Greenwich Village’s Cafe Wha) was Karen Dalton, she was a tall white blues singer and guitar player, funky, lanky and sultry. Karen had a voice like Billie Holliday’s and played guitar like Jimmy Reed and went all the way with it



7. Voodoo funk – Root of evil – (Root of evil)

West Africa`s 70`s pop and funk by Frank, the vinyl archeologist of that excellent Voodoo funk site.



8. Devotchka ( Do u think there is heaven?)

Listen to this wonderful soundtrack of “Little miss sunshine” by Mychael Danna and Devotchka and especially this naive last short piece



9. Stavros Xarhakos`s Rembetiko – (Hasapiko)

He emerged in the Greek music scene around 1963, composing music for the theatre and cinema. This is the wonderful soundtrack to this amazing movie – Rembetiko.



10. Anne Dudley – (The awakening)

Anne Dudley is a musician, composer, arranger and producer.I have bought her record “Songs from the victorious city” where she had teamed up with Jaz Coleman, a multi instrumentalist that studied Arabic music at the Cairo Conservtoire.( best known for vocal contributions to “Killing Joke”). This album always sounded like the greatest soundtrack to me. Listen to “The Awakening”.



11. Erik Satie – (Nouvelles pieces froides)

French pianist/ composer. There is something about his music, solo piano compositions, dark, repetitive, minimalistic. This is of a record titled “Piano works”



12. Cuba Feliz – ( on the street song)

I have watched Cuba Feliz about 10 times and fell in love with 70 years old street musician Miguel Del Morales, El Gallo, who travels around Cuba with his guitar, making stops at friends, in bars, on the street and playing his buck fifty guitar, all those spontaneous little jam sessions, using his booze and cigarettes stained voice and speaking through these awesome story telling songs.



13. Chet Baker ‘Lets get lost’ soundtrack – (Zingaro)

“Let`s get lost” – this documentary of jazz trumpeter Chet baker by Bruce Weber is a must see for any Baker or jazz fan. My favorite track of this soundtrack is the classical guitar, fretless, piano and trumpet masterpiece. ( Again my illustration )



14. The Be good Tanyas – (‘When doves cry’ cover)

This is my favorite band. The be good Tanyas sound is what inspired me to start Lofiles. Chinatown is my favorite alt folk albums. For those of you who appreciate Prince, this is a Tanyas cover of ‘When Doves cry’



15. El Mishel`s affair – ( Hung up on my baby)

My affair with El Michels affair is short and intense. Few times, while watching a movie, I have realized that a track of this album would sound better than the original soundtrack.



16. Toumani Diabate – (Elyne road)

Toumani Diabaté is one of the most important musicians in Africa. Toumani plays the kora, a harp unique to West Africa with 21 strings; and more than any other kora player it is Toumani who is responsible for bringing this instrument to audiences around the world.



17. Aşık Veysel (Benim Sadık Yarim Kara Topraktır)

“Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu (October 25, 1894 – March 21, 1973), also known as just Aşık Veysel, was an Alevi Turkish minstrel and highly regarded poet of the Turkish folk literature.

Watch & listen


18. Balanescu quartet – (Maria)

It is a Romanian avant-garde string quartet founded in 1987 by the incredible composer Alexander Balanescu. I have heard their cover versions of Kraftwerk material on KCRW. They are currently signed to Mute and collaborated with many artists including David Byrne.



19. Burial – (Burial unite)

Who is Burial? He prefers not to tell. His debut album, Burial, was a surprise hit. On Untrue you are immediately greeted by Burial’s melancholic, dark sound, intermixed with radio interference, a muffled bass, rain, ice sharp slicing of blades and jets of hot air that will make your skin crawl and seduce you deeper and deeper into his parallel world…



20. Caisercartel – (Oh no)

Less is More- “Oh no” by Caisercartel – oh yes!



21. Les Deux love orchestra – (Les Modernes)

The sounds of loneliness, of an empty bar late at night with this middle aged woman all by herself, cheap lookin…One of Kcrw`s today`s top tunes -moody atmosphere french film music -Les deux love orchestra, real sweet and sexy



22. Thomas Belhom – (Heaven)

It is the perfect piece for a grey winter day like this one, it is just a shame I don’t listen to it while sitting at a French Bistro chewing on a croque madame . “Cheval Oblique” is an album by multi instrumentalist / Percussion man Thomas Belhom.



23. Os Mutantes – (Ave Lucifer)

This song by Os Mutantes is so dreamy, psychedelic, intriguing, perfect for the mood I need to be in. Os Mutantes for those of you who never heard of them is an influential Psychedelic rock Brazilian group consists of 2 brothers and a vocalist. Signed to David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop. They were considered a major influence in Europe and in the States and Kurt Cobain publicly begged them to do a reunion tour in the early 90`s.



24. Shoes – (Simply good to you)

“Shoes is one of the top re-edits series around. Shoes attacks classics and diggers’ favorites with the DJ in mind. My favorite is “simply good to you” – of the Re- Soled vol. 1



25. Yinon Muallem – ( Orada Olmak)

This mixture created by Israeli percussion master Yinon Muallem of Klezmer Jewish Middle eastern Muslim music sounds wonderful to me. It`s a shame the two cultures and religions could not be brought together like Yinon did with his talent.



26. Harold Budd`s La Bella Vista (Bell Tower)

La Bella Vista was captured in just two recording sessions, yet is one of Harold Budd’s most gorgeous, ambient piano compositions to date. Budd has said that he wasn’t aware that he was even being recorded by Daniel Lanois while he improvised in this social setting



27. Jono Mccleery (Darkest light demo)

I have listened to his demos -vocal accompanied by acoustic guitar and thought they were wonderful



28. Lizzy Mercier Descloux (Wawa)

This is one of the songs she had sent me, my sweetest spiritual mother, mentor and dear dear talented friend…



29. The Dodos – (Eyelids)

I had promised myself I would not write about those indie bands that everyone loves to love but I think The Dodos will make me break my promise. Their album “Visiter” is just too brilliant and original to ignore. The sound, mainly acoustics and odd beats. The melodies are so unique.



30. Michal Kahan – (Baby Escapo)

“Baby Escapo”, Michal`s recent EP was recorded real lofi at Michal`s apartment using a 4 track recorder. She`s not a crowd pleaser, I`ll tell you that..



31. Hindi Zara (Beautiful Tango)

True, I have fallen in love with Hindi Zahra. Wouldn`t you? She`s so beautiful and so is “Beautiful Tango” of hers



32. Shugo Tokumaro ( Green rain)

. “This is the best record that I have heard in a very long time.” -Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)



33. Shriekback (All lined up)

One of my favorite bands of the eighties. This is one of their songs I loved with this familiar slap bass, song that makes me think about the bald twisted Barry Andrews t dancing all over the stage.



34. Post office (Ascent)

This is brilliant. Post office are not pop. It might be a little hard to digest at first,but their music is incredible.



35. Gabi Pahinui (Moani Keala)

Gabby Pahinui was one of the greatest slack key guitarists. I had heard a track Hawaiian Gabby Pahinui recorded with an admirer of his, Ry Cooder. Gabby was a master of steel guitar as well. Listen to this 2 monsters duet, listen to the feel of this old Hawaiin song Moani Ke`ala – this is with his Hawaiian band.



36. Anouar Brahem (Etincelles)

Anouar Brahem, the Oud master is back with a personal album. In a trio, again, with the pianist François Couturier, and, with the accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier, Anouar Brahem gives us a beautiful if a little melancholic album.



37. Mi & Lau – (Christmas soul)

Mi & L`au – Former model Mira Romantschuk, who is Finnish, and French soundtrack musician Laurent Leclère fell in love in Paris a few years back, then moved to a woodland cabin outside Helsinki, where for four years they lived simply, writing spare songs that do more with space and silence than with notes and words.



38. Bill Callahan – Kath Bloom tribute (The breeze)

“Loving takes this course” is the title of a new tribute album to the New York folk singer/songwriter Kath Bloom that had disappeared from the New York scene 20 years ago, gone to raise her sons in New England. The track that stands out on this tribute album (covers by Mark Kozelek, Marianne Dissard, the Dodos and Devendra Banhart) is by my favorite Drag city artist, Bill Callahan.



39. Charles Mingus Epitaph – (Percussion discussion)

Gunther Schuller is conducting these compositions by the great Charles Mingus and this of the double album Epitaph



40. Jah Wobble`s Glitterbug soundtrack –(Garden recalled)

Derek Jarman final testament as a film-maker was the film Glitterbug made for the Arena slot on BBC Two, and broadcast shortly after Jarman’s death. Compiled and edited from many hours of super 8 footage shot with friends and companions throughout his career it is a moving collage of memories, people and moments lost in time, accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack from Brian Eno. His composition for Derek Jarman’s Glitterbug soundtrack was reapproached by Jah Wobble and released as ‘Spinner’ in October ‘95.



41. Tape (Beams)

Tape do the kind of music we like to write about. Chalenging, experimental and spacious.



42. DJ78 –(I wanna make rhythm)

Using a pair of 1930’s HMV wind-up gramophones and a big box of 78rpm shellac discs, DJ78 provides atmosphere and entertainment playing an eclectic selection of popular music from the dancebands of the 20’s to the rock’n’roll pioneers of the 50’s.



43. Naim Amor (Son grand aourire)

Naim Amor makes the sexiest music. I guess the combination of being French with Joey Burns`s (Calexico ) magic touch .



44. Fever Ray(When I grow up)

A real interesting song from the beautiful Karin Dreijer, half of “The knife“, the Swedish duo.



45. Blake Leyh & Andres Burke ( Milonga)

After recording over a period of six years, Blake Leyh was prompted to finish and release the record after violinist Andre Burke passed away from HIV-related illness in June 2007. Blake Leyh is a Composer, Sound Designer, and Music Supervisor who lives in New York City.


Blog (terence blanchard)

46. Terence Blanchard –(Dear mom)

Film director Spike Lee commissioned New Orleans native Terence Blanchard to compose the score for his 2006 four-hour award-winning HBO documentary “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts”, to show the agony of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.



47. Jevetta Steele (Calling you)

A criminal lawyer, a mother of three, born in Indiana, Jevetta Steele is the voice behind ‘Calling you’, the song you won’t forget if you have seen this movie – ‘Baghdad café.



48. Lautaro Feldman (Trampa)

Saw him play on a street fair. 8 string guitar made for him, with 2 extra bass strings, reminded me of a latin Jose Gonzalez, originaly from Argentina, Lautaro Feldman sounds good.



49. Bob Schneider (BS sample)

Bob Schneider is kind of an institution in Austin, Texas. Listen to this pure beauty – classical guitar and vocal



50. Dukes of Stratosphere (track)

During the ’80s XTC recorded a couple of albums as psychedelic ’60s pop outfit the Dukes of Stratosphear. Andy Partridge is now reissuing them on his own label, Ape House. Listen to those guitars.



51. John Mississippi Hurt (Lonesome blues)

A soft spoken man, his nature reflected on his music, which remained a mellow mix of blues, country, blues and old time music till his last day.



52. Bon Iver (Beach baby)

Downplaying his alt tuned guitar, with his unique falcetto vocal, Justin Vernon known as Bon Iver is one of our favorite artists



53. Matt Elliott (something about ghosts)

Matt Elliott has it. I put this song on repeat and been listening to it over the past 5 hours and cant let go.



54. Dios (link to their myspace)

Check out the Hispanic answer to the Beatles.



55. Goldmund (Cavalcade)

From what I have gathered, Goldmund is an experimental classical project from Keith kennif, mainly ambient piano a la Harold Budd project. It is beautiful, minimal, full of meaningful silence ( and I am not being cynical ).



56. AA Bondy (link to his myspace)

Just heard “Killed myself when I was young” and loved it. Went to his myspace and discovered 404264 entries and realized I have to do some catching up on this guy`s resume.



57. Cotton Jones (Gotta cheer up)

Maryland`s soul rock gospel to your player – Cotton Jones



58. A.N (Cant keep promises)

I got this demo tape from A.N`s sister. She`s a very good friend of mine. He was diagnosed Schizophrenic few years ago, and is seriously ill. What keeps him alive and going, is his love for music.



59. Sleep Whale (A Pebble garden)

Sleep Whale are guitarist/cellist Joel North and violinist/sequence programmer Bruce Blay, and they got a new 6 song EP on Western vinyl, home for Dirty projectors, Bexar Bexar, Balmorhea. It is a wonderful mixture of acoustic and electric, violins, acoustic guitars, cellos and samples, tape machines and wild sounds.



60. Balmorhea (track)

An album by this wonderful band called “All is wild all is silent”.



61. Curtis Mayfield (Here but I`m gone)

I guess I don’t have to introduce you this guy, but if I do – Curtis Mayfield was a funk and Afro American music pioneer who has influenced so many funk soul and hip hop creators for many years and still does so.



62. Helado Negro (link to a video)

“Helado Negro is what Gal Costa might sound like if she spent the past decade listening to Animal Collective, French electronica, and a bit of hip-hop. – The Fader

Watch & listen


63. Atlas sound covers Fleetwood mac (Walk a thin line)

Bradford Cox is the king



64. Oneida (Brownout in Lagos)

Oneida is a band from Brooklyn. T his is an addictive mixture of noise, groove, electronica, grunge, hypnotic repetetitive music, ragged distorted sounds, verything we love in a band. They have released a triple album called ‘Rated O’. Buy it!!!



65. Aaron Parks – (Hold music)

“Somebody once asked me to find two words that describe the music I make, and the words I picked were ‘spontaneous’ and ‘cinematic,’” says Aaron Parks. Composer/ ex pianist for Terence Blanchard.



66. Kalman Balogh & the gypsy cimbalom band(?)

Kalman Balogh is one of the foremost Hungarian cimbalom players, descending from a famous dynasty of Hungarian Gipsy musicians. His virtuosity is matched by his understanding and respect of his heritage. Balogh continues a fabled European music tradition harking back to the collaboration of masters like gipsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli, connecting ancient folk music traditions of Central and Eastern Europe with the chord progressions and swing of jazz.



67. Okkervil river (Black sheep boy)

Okkervill river`s 3rd album was titled “Black sheep boy” after a Tim Hardin song. A masterpiece.



68. Hauschka (Morgenrot)

Hauschka’s gorgeous ‘Ferndorf’ album From Fat Cat records.

Watch & listen


69. Skip Vonkuske (Samples of intuit)

Skip VonKuske is a cello player, musician, performer, singer/ songwriter and a producer. I am bringing you samples from his album Intuit. If u like it as much as I did, go and buy it..



70. The American dollar (link to their myspace)

The Queens answer to Pink Floyd. The American dollar are John Emanuele and Rich Cupolo and together they create wonderful instrumental ambient experimental music.



71. Leila (Mollie)

Since she has released her last album eight years ago, Iran-born Leila Arab has lost both of her parents . Maybe that`s part of the reason why her music is still real dark, and you cant blame her for being too poppy. Leila’s trip hop new effort titled Blood, looms and blooms on Warp records features many known names: Terry Hall, Martina Topley Bird, Andy Cox and others.



72. The Kafala brothers (Ndenda la suku)

The Kafala brothers music`s is folk music from Angola. Accompanied by guitar and a flute, and sung using rich authentic harmonies, their music is so unique, their style is theirs, and they tell their culture stories of wars, relations, sadness and joy with great conviction.



73. The calm blue sea`s Siegfried soundtrack (The Cross)

First time I have heard “The Calm blue sea” was few days ago, and it was the original score they did for “Siegfried”. First thing that came to my mind was Pink Floyd`s Live at Pompaii, Echoes (Meddle), maybe The Calm blue sea tend to be more elaborate and technical but something about the vibe and atmosphere reminded me of that show and record.



74. Helios film music (Dragonfly across an ancient sky)

Film music from Helios



75. Cass Mccombs(Dreams come true girl)

Cass Mccombs with this clip for the wonderful song “Dreams come true girl”, feat Karen Black.

Watch & listen


76. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (The sound)

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is a multi-instrumentalist and boy wonder with a million different projects under his belt. His musical style spans so many different types of genres that it was really cool to watch those influences switch back and forth. He is a truly amazing musician and has all the potential to become the next Beck/ Eels…



77. Daniel Lanois The Omni series (Steel instrumental)

Daniel Lanois has released a 3 boxed set CD called The Omni series, which is an collection of his music. Just listen to this beautiful pedal steel guitar instrumental from Steel, part one of this collection.



78. Billy Ward (link to video)

Billy Ward has been sitting behind the drums for The Band, Robbie Robertson, Carly Simon, Bill Evans, Yoko Ono, and many more. He`s performed in master classes and clinics all over the world and has been writing for Modern drummer mag for 5 years. Listen to this track he plays on of Stuffy Shmitt`s album.



79. Buke & Gass (Buke & Gass sample)

Buke & Gass Remind me of my days with the NY downtown scene music, this wild duo is making real interesting music, maybe a little hard to swallow at first, but is worth the slow digestion. This is a sample of Bundletuck



80. Codes in the clouds(Fractures)

Codes In The Clouds are a cinematic post-rock quintet from Kent. They recorded the album in 5 days with Justin Lockey (Bloc Party/Milo/Enter Shakari) This is the British answer to Mogwai, their debut is being released on Erased tapes ( the label that brought us Olafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick )



81. Olafur Arnalds (Erlas Waltz)

Olafur Arnalds came up with the idea of ‘Found songs’, 7 tracks he recorded in seven days, tracks that were available for free download on the Erased tapes site (his current label). The tracks are mainly short piano pieces, beautiful and sad sounding, accompanied the occasional electronic touch or string quartet.



82. Apse (Lie)

At the end of the year, ATP records is going to release Climb up, an album recorded at the band members homes as demos, rearranged and mixed later on by Bobby, Jed and Michael.



83. Toro Y Moi (Blessa)

Release date on Carpark records is Feb 2010. Cant wait…



84. Anders Parker (72nd st. horses)

This is Anders Parker 12th album, the double concept LP titled Skyscraper crow. The Crow portion is acoustic folk, and we especially love the acoustic folky part



85. Slim Twig mixtape (A black holster)

I have downloaded this amazing double mixtape of Slim Twig called “Spit it Twig” recommended by friends at Bighassle.



86. Ignaz Schick (link to his myspace)

Former of the T.I.T.O , a turntablist, as he calls himself. Minimal & hypnotic.



87. Savoir Adore (Sarah`s secret )

Savoir Adore-“Sarah’s Secret” Studio Session

Watch & listen


88. Sin Fang Bous (Catch the light)

Sin Fang Bous, the solo project of Seabear founder Sindri Mar Sigfusson from Iceland. While Seabear is focussed on folky music, Sin Fang Bous is Sindri‘s playground for his more lofi experimental songs. His debut-album was released on Morr Music in December 2008.



89. Portishead track for Amnesty (link to ‘Chase the tear’ video)

Portishead have released a brand new track – ‘Chase the Tear’ for Amnesty International.It’s now available here with all earnings going towards Amnesty’s human rights work.!!!

Watch & listen

lymbyc system

90. Lymbyc Systym (link to whole album streaming)

Lymbyc Systym are theBell brothers. Rich, wild, surprising, constantly evolving. You could listen to a free album streaming on their label site and then buy the album. ‘Ghost clock’ is my favorite track on ‘Shutter’.



91. Rio En Medio (link to her myspace)

Danielle Stech Homsy (the artist behind Rio En Medio), lives in New York city, and over the past year she has performed and recorded with Devendra Banhart, Vashti Bunyan, CocoRosie and Vetiver. She performs in NYC on a regular basis. Her debut album, released on Gnomonsong records as well, The bride of dynamite is a masterpiece.



92. Past Lives (Hex takes hold)

This killer 70`s rock type falcetto vocal, furious polyrhythms and toms lock in hypnotic BPM`s, this is ‘Past Lives’, Seattle`s latest export, on ‘Suicide squeeze’ records. Blood brothers vocalist Jordan Blilie and guitarist Devin Welch on an organized mayhem project.



93. Kevin Barker (link to his myspace)

Kevin Barker has been all over. He`s spent the last few years touring and recording with artists like Devandra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Vetiver, Espers, Antony and the Johnsons, just to name a few.



94. Vincent Moon`s Kazuki Tomokawa (link to video)

Vincent Moon won a prize for one of the side projects he is responsible for – a documentary he made of Kazuki Tomokawa, a troubadour, a rare folk artist from Japan, a 59 year old character out of a Yakuza movie.

Watch & listen


95. TDM (On my honor)

San Diego`s ‘Tape deck mountain’s first EP was released on a cassette tape format and created a buzz, but that`s not to say these guys need gimmicks. Their debut full length ‘Ghost’ is out on ‘Lefse records.



96. Omo (Oversized)

Omo are Berit Immig (The chap) and visual artist David Muth , and they sound like an updated more rhythmic version of Laurie Anderson.



97. Heavybirds (link to their myspace)

Listen to their demos, heavy guitars, feedbacks and noises, but somehow, in a magical way, this mayhem is quite organized. Heavy birds are Lia Mooney…cello, distortion, tamborine, vox. Ryan Bourque…vox, guitar, harmonica, drum. Their sound is quite original and I would urge them to keep these demos untouched and master them.



98. James Blackshaw ( Infinite circle)

Usually I prefer the minimal maybe because it is hard for me to complete a song and leave it bare, keep it simple. But I like James Blackshaw`s music skill and style allthough it says on his myspace page -…”many notes”… ( influenced by the guitarists of the 60`s Takoma label ) and I am sure you`ll enjoy this piece as well ..



99. Juana Molina (Everything is possible)

Neat use of loops and delays, vocal line repeating in loops creating fascinating rhythms and nice wood percussives all creating ambient dreamy feel.



100. Malcolm Cato`s Heliocentrics (A world of masks)

Trying to figure out what genre to put The Heliocentrics under and eventually gave up. On their Myspace it says Progressive, Jazz, Afro-beat so I`ll go with that. Led by drummer Malcolm Cato who was sampled by Madlib, with the help of Mike Burbham who does excellent job on the texture and efx, and others contributing on Thai guitar, Santur, Oud, Clarinets, Tenor and Baritone saxes, Vibes and Percussion, and Khdijatou Silcott on vocals.


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